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The Best Release This Summer!

Enrich your soul with the best release this summer, as it is ready to grab hold of your interest in music and take up a notch. The different layers and tunes that it enters make matters all the more enjoyable for the band to set things up and head in the right direction. So leave everything aside and come ahead to rock like never before.

Tour Dates

13. Nov 2020 - New Album Release - Sydney Opera House

Get ready to witness a concert like never before that is also going to be the ground for laying down new songs in the form of a new album.

16. Dec 2020- Ultra Miami

Hitting you folks with another opportunity to receive a musical and visual treat that is going to be on par with the best experience of your life.

12. Apr 2021 - Tomorrowland Belgium - Freedom Stage

Mark your calendars and remember the date because missing out on this is going to leave you disappointed for the rest of your life.

Win A Meet Greet With The Band!

That’s right. You get to win an exclusive meet and greet session with the band that is going to change your idea and the very thought about music.

About Us

Music is the language that we all understand and an essential part of our life that is going to be remembered forever. As a result, we need better platforms for music to shine and reach as many boundaries as possible. To capture that experience and give you the right feeling, we have emerged into the scene.

The bands that defined the moment are here to enthral you and take you through a path of musical therapy that is sure to leave a mark on your mind. So the best way to enhance the experience is to come ahead and enjoy these bands with the many services that we have to offer.

Band Members

John Doe

John Doe

Guitar, Vocals

With an intense voice and unique stage presence, John Doe is the man that you need to look out for, as he is going to leave you spellbound.

Tomas D. Sexton

Tomas D. Sexton


By adding the sound of the bass to the band and creating a proper tone, Tomas D. Sexton takes the stage to re-define your outlook towards music.

Ron W. Olsen

Ron W. Olsen


Ron W. Olsen is one of the most skilled drummers that you will ever come across in a band that is ready to set things on fire.

Glenn M. Damm

Glenn M. Damm

Guitar, Keyboard

The multi-talented Glenn is here to prove that you can play the guitar and the keyboard by following a proper direction.


How do VVN concerts differ from what I can watch on-line?

The feel and the thought about being present in the moment are two critical aspects that you are going to miss when you take the online route.

Can I join the network at home or watch the shows online?

The idea of customer satisfaction is something that drives us ahead and keeps us motivated, as we provide all that is necessary for your convenience.

How do I find a local participating venue?

By logging into our website, you will be directed to receive a ton of information that is also valuable in finding a participating venue.

Are the artists paid?

Individuals and artists who have a passion for music will never lose their direction as organisers want to give them all that they deserve.

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Concert Testimonials

Best Live Concert Ever

“The stage, countless fans and the incredible music are all small aspects that ultimately gave the feeling of a concert that is going to be a part of my life and memory for years to come.”

Anthony K. Huntley"Rock Star" Album Release Tour

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As every year passes on to a new one with the same set of grinds, nothing is indeed new; it’s just another day that comes by and pushes you into more hassles. When this perpetual madness fills your life with monotony, you deserve a sabbatical to explore the magic that surrounds you. Nothing about this coming new year would seem to be exciting unless you decide to make it lively with your friends and family. The celebrations shouldn’t be limited to the 1st of January but should continue as you move ahead in life. Make it a point to focus on the important aspects of life and try to spend more time with the people that matter to you. Concert-Crowd Living your life in those cubicles of a shackled job isn’t what anyone would seek; break those chains to experience the wonders that are powerful enough to awaken the mellow spirit within you. There wouldn’t be anything better than experiencing it for yourself as you take it up, and it would only get better by adding music into the seams. Here are some reasons that make concerts a must-visit to boost your life.

1. Strengthening the Bonds with Friends

You could have met new people at concerts and made some of them your friends as well. Love for a band or a genre of music brings people together to make a group of friends with a nearly unbreakable bond. Vulnerability sets in as you attend a concert since the experience is a deeply personal one for everyone, and there wouldn't be a better way to curb it and fill yourself with elation than blending with the emotions of those friends of yours.

2. Being Yourself

What not many people might know is the fact that you are left unjudged in the hall without anyone to ogle ta your actions. You don't get to be in such situations always in life with plenty of people surrounding you everywhere you go. Hundreds of other attendees would also be dancing and spewing the same level of insanity as that of yours when at the concert, making the space more comfortable for you. There exists a no better place where you get to let out all your pain and worries as the music hits.

3. Memories for a Lifetime

Memories Concerts wouldn’t keep producing groovy music for an eon relentlessly, but the memories will remain in your soul for the longest time. The tunes seep into your heart and soul to make you feel the effects forever.

4. The Energy Within

As the excitement hits you and the entire hall, an extraordinary life takes form within that space to shoot up into an entrancing aura. Setting yourself ablaze as you lose yourself in the music is something you would have been waiting to do for a long time, and that takes on a different level of energy as you hit the floor with your friends for an unforgettable experience.