The Virtual Venues Network secures the legal rights to broadcast performances to our subscribers directly with artists, management, labels, Intellectual Property rights holders and all licensing authorities.

In addition to licensing premium user content, VVN’s camera crews capture new events each week from stages around the world and instantly encode for distribution to the subscriber network via LIMELIGHT NETWORK’s global content delivery network.

These events are exclusive property of the artist or intellectual property holder and are not available to the public in any other format. You are reselling proprietary content that the consumer can only witness at participating VVN venues via our patented ClubLyncTM receiver.

The ClubLyncTM is rack-mounted at the house sound position with multiple out options to projection equipment and audio gear and is provided to all participating commercial subscribers.

The video content is high resolution and replicates the artist performance on your hometown stage. The digital audio is a stereo combination of ambient room and board-fed mixes delivered directly to your house sound system, allowing your engineer flexibility to effect and best mix to the room.


We want to help you sell tickets! VVN is a revenue share company with both the artist and the presenter. The artist is allowing you to promote a VVN date because they want to reach out or build the fan base in your market. VVN will work with the artist to maximize your ticket sales.

Download pre-approved ad mats, photos and poster slicks for your show from VVN’s promotions page. Piggyback on the national advertising of the nearest live show to you and cross promote that live event in advance. Promote this show from the stage and in local media just like you would any other live event.

The Virtual Venues Network international brand will direct consumers to and list all participating subscribers by zip code. Customers can locate the nearest VVN partner and purchase tickets on-line at our site for any and all venues. A portion of all on-line service charges are DONATED to charities at the point of purchase via a pull down menu allowing the customer to choose the recipient.